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Every day can be a holiday! We know how important leisure time is and we will work with you to ensure your dreams for a pool or hot tub become a reality.

Leisure Pools takes pride in each and every project we undertake, from concept to pricing, timely installation and excellent service over the life of your pool. It’s the lifestyle we all long for, a sparkling pool to enjoy with family and friends, the centrepiece of an all-inclusive retreat designed with relaxation and recreation in mind.


What our Clients say...

It was our family’s dream to own a swimming pool. Frank and his team were so easy to work with….they did an expert job on the installation and it was done really fast! Afterwards, the store provided all kinds of support to us for maintenance – I think I called 5 times with the same question! We would recommend Leisure Pools to anyone in the market for a pool or hot tub.

Hot Pool Tips for Summer
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Use your solar blanket! Bubbles up or bubbles down? Down. When the cover is used heat stays trapped in the water and temperatures stay higher than if the pool were left uncovered overnight.┬áDon’t have a solar blanket try Cover Free a liquid solar blanket.

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